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Friday, 28 January 2011

Me time !

After spending all day at home with Harry yesterday, I went out in the evening for some Me Time with my friends. They all want to remain anonymous so let's just call them Sue and Sue, Claire and Rachel. We went to Sue's house which is just Amazing ! I have never, ever, seen anything like it ! It is straight out of a magazine and yet cosy and warm and inviting. Anyway, Claire had made gorgeous chocolate Brownies, Rachel and brought some wine and we spend the evening scrapbooking, a little, and gossiping, a lot, as usual. I made this page with "a little help from my friends " of Amelie last weekend in Spain. I really like the colours, although I wasn't sure at first of the background colour. Anyway, here is it so let me know what you think.
Better do some housework now.. booh.
Have a lovely weekend.



  1. That' lovely Ann. Those colours are perfect for that photo : )
    I've decided to go and buy that book tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation x

  2. This is really pretty. Love how the title goes so well with the photo:) Great papaer and love the bits of twine and trim you've added.