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Friday, 20 September 2013

What to do..

while you wait for the Sky man to turn up ? Play with your new water colour pens of course !. And for once, I love the result. This was so much fun. I will definitely do this again. And I am thinking it will be perfect for the paragliding pictures as I can choose any colours to match the sail. But better do a little ironing, just to say I have done something other than play today!

Anne X

Come fly with me...

I said I would finish a page this week. I still don't really like it, although I have kept adding stuff on. But at least, it is finished. I have decided that the reason I probably don't really like it is because the black and white pictures don't do it justice. I think I will make more pages of the day in bright colours.

I bought a few things yesterday at TK Maxx, including water colour pens and a few bits and pieces from Studio Calico. Hopefully I will get a chance to use them over the weekend. Please make it rain so I don't have to go outside and do some gardening!
Have a nice weekend everyone.
Anne X

Saturday, 14 September 2013

8 Months...

Yesterday, Friday 13th, was Violette's eight months birthday. Our little baby is growing fast. She is very nearly on the move. Poor Amelie and Harry fear for your most precious and delicate stuff, Violette is coming. Out go all our ornaments for now, here come plug covers and cupboard locks!
But still looking oh so cute!

I have actually done a scrapbook page during the week but it is missing the "Je ne sais quoi " so I will have another look at it this week and see how I can improve it.

Next week is back to work for me. Violette will stay with a very lovely friend and I know she will be really happy so I am strangely looking forward to it. Slightly nervous that I won't remember how to teach, but excitedly feeling butterflies in my stomach at the though of standing in front of eager little eyes. We will see how it goes.

Rainy weekend here so sorting out all clothes. It is sad to put all the summer stuff away but comforting to bring old jumpers and thick socks out of the loft. Long lost friends!

Have a lovely week.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to normal.

Well, we have just come back from holiday in France and already the children are back at school. I miss them and they have only been at school for one day! I think that Violette misses them too, she must be thinking but where has my live entertainment gone!
We had a lovely time in the Alpes if we forget about the kids moaning every times we suggested another walk up a mountain. We actually decided in the end that it was better just walking down, so ended up taking cable cars up and walking downhill. Which I find harder than walking up, but never mind, at least that seemed to stop the constant whingeing!
We were lucky to all have a go at Paragliding, which was simply amazing and I would recommend to everyone. It is so peaceful ( until I get up there really and doesn't stop talking!! ). We also hired a motor boat on Lac D'Annecy which felt very posh if only for half an hour. Violette strangely didn't really take to it! But here are the pictures to show you all what we did!

And last but not least!

Best buy in the shop!!

And I forgot to show you the pictures of Violette at 7 months. She is actually eight months next week, so I am just a little late!

Still chubby, still happy, still super cute and very close to moving now!
I should be able to scrap soon, well, may be next week. Quite a lot of work to do this week.
I hope you all had a great summer break.
Anne XXX