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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

One day early...

Here is a page I made for Sketches in Thyme. The sketch is coming out tomorrow but I won't get a chance to download it then so I thought I would show you my lay out. You will have to go and check their web site to see the sketch and look at what the other designers have produced. The lay out I made is about our fantastic day out in London, Hyde Park, to watch the Olympics on the Big Screens. We bumped into some long lost friends and we really had the most amazing day. The little envelope hides some journaling and stuff like train tickets and other rubbish ! ( in reality it doesn't yet as I haven't had a chance but it will soon !! )

Anyway here it is..

Not especially my favourite lay out ever but ..hey, you can't love them all !!

Enjoy your holidays.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mini book.

Quick post today. Just come back from Cheshire and house needs a complete clean and garden could do with a lot of attention. Now that the Olympics are finished, I have no more excuses !
I made a mini book last week for a very nice gentleman who took Amelie and my nephew fishing while we were on holiday in Brittany. He is a retired head master and I hope he likes his thank you present. Might even remind him of the homemade presents the pupils must have given him for Christmas when he was working !! Good or bad !!

I have a page to make for Sketch in Thymes for this week challenge so better get myself moving.

Anne XXX

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A little message...

For a very good friend. She is the bestest friend anyone could wish for and the most amazing inspirational woman and mum ever! But, I forgot her birthday, again !!.So here is a little message for you JANA...


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Do you have time?

It has been a long time, so you might need to make yourself a cup of tea !! The computer was down and Andrew tried to swap it for a MAC. I didn't get on with it so we are now back to the old computer, I like it just the way it is !!
A lot has happened since I last wrote.
First there was the last day of school and the presents for the teachers. I made some Rocky Roads biscuits, added a few strawberry bonbons and foam shrimps, a few pretty labels and tags, and  here they were, looking all pretty ! I can't tell you if they tasted nice but they did look lovely !!
And for the cards, I decided to keep the pattern I had used to make my dad's birthday card a few weeks ago.

And talking about my dad, remember we had bought him a pair of flashy swimming trunks?! Well, the parcel got lost in the post so we were in fact in Brittany when he received them, so I got the chance to take pictures of his happy face !!

No point adding that he never wore them while we were there, but there is hope !! Not much though but  it was a right laugh to see his face !! I took a lot more pictures while we were away and I am sure you will see a lot of them on lay outs soon but here are a few.

While we were in Brittany, challenge86 came live at Sketches in Thyme and here is the page I made for them

The pictures were taken a while back during sports day. This page took a while to finish as I wasn't happy with the proportions and the tittle but it all came together in the end.

Since we have come back from Brittany we have had the chance to go twice to see the Olympics. I only have pictures of our first day but we had a great, amazing memorable time both times.

Right, I think that will be enough for today. I have promise to make a mini book for a friend of my mum who took the kids fishing on his boat so I'd better get to work now that I can print pictures !!

See you soon.