spoonful of sugar

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Something to show...

I have had a little bit of time to make a little present for Amelie to remember her last birthday at primary school. I managed to finish it by working on it whenever I had 5 minutes ( believe me that doesn't happen very often in this house.). It is a mini book where she can write things that happened and who she invited and other stuff she might want to remember. Amelie likes it, but isn't half as enthusiastic as I am ( I wonder why, has she seen too many of these books in her short life time!! ), so I might end up filling it in!!. Here it is anyway!

Off to carve the pumpkin. Now, I am the one not that enthusiastic! I know I will be left with the dirty job!

Happy Halloween everyone...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Lovely windy day today. Had a great time in the garden with the kids. Making kites with Amelie and Harry while raking the leaves ! ( why you ask when we are expecting the mother of all storms?!! ) because it makes lovely pictures!!

Happy Halloween and have a great half term.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

9 months today!!

Well, the birthday weekend never stops.

Amelie had a great time at her party. The girls made bird boxes, frames and canvases. They all look amazing, glitter, glitter and more glitter seemed to be the trend. But they also did really well at the decopatch and painting. I had to bite my tong a few times and let them get on with their ideas and use their own creativity. I am impressed. Now, I wouldn't put anything that they have done in my house!! But I like them!!

And after cleaning all the glitter, ( well, we did our best, I think that Violette's knees will be glittery for a long time!! )and eating lots, ( I mean lots!!) of cakes, we had a nice evening watching Strictly. Perfect!

And today, our baby girl is 9 months. Still adorable ( she is in my good books today, she has been sleeping well for the last couple of nights! ). Definitely on the move and getting extraordinary quick at it! Into everything that she shouldn't be touching and compulsively attracted to any wire or electronic devises she shouldn't be close to, let alone put in her mouth!

 I hope that you have had a nice weekend too.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl...

Today is Amelie's birthday. She is just the happiest, most smiley, silliest daughter ever and I love her to bits

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl.

And what could be better than doughnuts for breakfast on your birthday!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.