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Sunday, 17 November 2013

New hobby!!

Well, I did warn you that I was the queen of new hobbies, that hunt me in the night and keep me awake until dawn!! This time, it is a .... Caravan!! We have bought, well, it is a long story it was actually free but Andrew being the generous kind ended up paying for it ( not very much mind you!! ) but still, anyway, the result is, we have a new, no, let me rephrase this, we have a very old caravan now sitting on our drive. Looking very gypsy like, but this is just a phase! Bear with us and it will be looking gorgeous!! So, here is what it looks like at the moment!!

And after some sewing, and a few throws, it is already looking much better!!

I have actually made quite a few more cushions today but the light is low and until I get fairy lights, the pictures will have to wait! I already have a mood board, the doors and the floor are going to get a make over, it will look really fabulous...., one day...., if I ever finish!!

The other news is my baby turned 10 months this week. It is getting harder to take pictures of her sitting on her armchair as she is well and truly on the move and doesn't quite understand that it is picture time. So, before I even had time to take a good picture, this is what happened!

Jean Marie and Nathalie will be glad to know that the money box is safe and I eventually got one decent picture.

And I even got a picture of her new shiny tooth!!

Have a good week everyone, do stop and have a cup of tea in my caravan when you drive by!!

Anne X