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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

And the bump....

gets bigger and bigger. Only 6 weeks to go and looking rather big now !!

I am very lucky that I still feel very well and very much enjoy being pregnant. I only have one more week to work so I should be able to slow down a little before Christmas and finally sit down to finish all the craft projects that I have started !

  1. I still need to finish my mobile. Well actually I am thinking it might not be a mobile after all but kind of a garland !
  2. I need to finish sewing the curtains for the baby's room. That was going very well until my sewing machine decided to stop working.
  3. I need to finish the high chart I have started. This alone should make a whole page on this blog ! I went to Paris last week with 5 girly friends to check the MarieClaire craft exhibition and enjoy my last bit of freedom for the next 18 years ! And I bought a MDF tree, around 150cm high that I then had to carry around Paris while we ate out and went sightseeing ! It will worth it in the end, but at the moment I have started decorated it with decoupage but I am not convinced of the result so I might have to rethink that one before I can show it to you.
  4. I still need to make the teachers' Christmas presents.

That should keep me out of trouble for a while !

Last night I went to a willow workshop near my village. It was a very belated Birthday present from a friend  ( my birthday is in May ! )and we had a lovely evening . For once, I can say that this won't be my new hobby but I did find it very therapeutic and I loved the smell of it. I made a few Christmas decorations.

I can add decorating the wreath to my list ! I will show you the result soon.

Off the yoga.

Have a nice week.


Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy Birthday !!

My baby boy is 8 today !! We have been busy making cake and party bags for the party . Remind me, never to make a lego cake again, that just took forever !!

Now, let's party !!

Have a lovely half term and halloween.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

It is conker time...

and Harry and I have been busy playing !! Where do we find the time ( and the talent !!! )I wonder !!

Anyway, time for the next challenge over at Sketches in Thyme. It is sadly the last one I have done for them as I have decided to stop being a designer. I am finding it hard to find the time to scrap at the moment, working hard and becoming increasingly tired with pregnancy. I am sure I will be back some times soon but for now, here is sketch 91

and here is what I did with it...

I am so glad how this page turned out. I really love it. Most of the papers and bits and pieces came free in a magazine and I think it is one of my favourite pages, ever ! Nice way to finish yeh, I hope that you all like it and it will give you all inspiration. And don't forget there is a chance to become a designer at the moment, so why don't you give it a go.
Time for work unfortunately.
See you soon.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Let's party !!

Amelie's birthday seems to go on and on !! On her actual birthday we went to her favourite restaurant and had a lovely meal. Last night was the barn dance at school and she had the time of her life.( The same girl who said " I won't be dancing, it isn't cool ! " actually never stopped ) and she looked the part too.

And this afternoon, she is sharing a birthday pool party with some good friends. Julie and I have been busy making a cake ! Now, I am not a very good baker but I will try any craft and this was soooo much fun !! Not sure how many e numbers are in this cake or even if it is going to taste any good but it does look COOL !! Check this out !!

Maybe this will become my new Hobby D'un Jour !!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Monday, 8 October 2012

Something I have been hiding !!

There is something I have meant to say for a while but I have had to wait until last weekend. We are having another baby ! And as you might have guessed, it is a baby girl, hence the mobile ! And the reason I couldn't tell you about it, is because we were having a big family gathering in Paris at the weekend and I wanted to keep it a surprise. So I am now 6 months pregnant, growing everyday but feeling fine and healthy. We are all getting very excited and looking forward to welcoming a little one in our house ( that is not quite big enough as yet, but we are working on it !! ) .
So here is what I look like now...

When I look at pictures I don't think I look THAT big, but I do feel it !!. I have always loved being pregnant and this time is no different. It is magical and special and I can't stop being amazed every time I feel a little kick.

And the best bit about having a baby... having my gorgeous sister knitting me the most adorable little things !! Like these...

But back to reality and once again I have missed the new lay out at Sketches in Thyme. I loved the sketch this month and had real fun playing with it.

here is the sketch..

and here is my page...

these pictures were taken on the first day of school this September. Not that long ago but it feels like ages. The weather has now turned to winter and we are now getting ready to celebrate the kids birthday and Halloween.

Why don't you have a go this week and don't forget the designer call, you have to be in to win it !!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Not very much to do...

with scrapping but I am in the process of making a mobile for a baby girl's room. I had this idea from a necklace I wear a lot which a lot of people comment on. I bought it a long long time ago in Asia somewhere, at the time I was a stewardess. Looking back I should I bought hundreds of them as I could have sold twice as many ! Anyway, I have decided to embark on this project, using mainly a Moda Charm Pack called Wing It. I think it is actually discontinued now but a friend of mine had a few bits and pieces left, enough for me to get some ideas. I also got inspired by a wonderful lady called Chloe Owens who has published a great book full of easy projects using applique, embroidery and more. The book is called All Sewn Up and I really recommend it, may be you could put it on your Xmas list?
So here is the famous necklace.

and here is what I have made so far..

I especially like the little clouds ! Now, I am not sure how I will attach them all together, may be a wooden circle at the top. I still need to make another 3 dangly bits so I will keep you updated !!
Still nothing to do with scrapbooking, but this month, we are celebrating Amelie and Harry's birthday. I am not a big fan of birthday parties when you feel obliged to invite the whole class and all of your friends kids even when you don't like them, and I have always managed to convince the kids to have a small gathering at home. In fact, it has always been quite a lot of organising and thinking about how to entertain 5 or 6 children for two hours. But this year, Amelie has decided to share a swimming pool party with some friends born on the same day and Harry has decided to take a few friends to Laser Run. So I don't have too much thinking to do !! I didn't even have to make Amelie's party invitations as the other mum made them !! Perfect !! ( well, not quite how I would have made them myself, but perfectly adequate !! ). So, all I had to do was to worry about Harry's invitations . Because he is a huge fan of Legos, it had to be something related. I found the perfect inspiration on Pinterest ( best site ever !! ) and here is what we have come up with. It was a team effort, although, I ended up having to really work at it and all Harry had to do was give his ideas !!


the idea is that you can change his outfit by just lifting the flaps !! I know pretty cool hey !! Especially like the gold necklace ! I would like to take all the credit for this realisation but in fact, I only copied an idea, it wasn't ours in the first place, we just loved it !

And finally, go and check Sketches in Thyme. The have a designer call at the moment. Come on, give it a go. The team is lovely, all you need to create two lay outs a month and comment on a few blogs, and you get to vote for your favourites ! What have you got to lose ?
See you soon.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sketches in Thyme

Hello everyone,

There is a new sketch on at Sketches in Thyme this week. If I am honest, I struggled a little with that one. I am not too sure why, I just did and kept putting it off! But I have finally made a page, clean and very simple, but it does the trick. I  made it last weekend when I met up with some friends at our local crop. I got quite a lot done actually, not that I can show you any of it yet. Sounds very secret, doesn't it.
So here is the sketch this week. See if you get more inspired than me, I am sure you will.

and here is my take...
I love the colours and I am please with the stencil that my friend Lesley made me on her clever machine. I can see me using it a lot. The pictures were taken during our holiday in Brittany. The water was far too cold for me to get in but the kids always enjoy it, whatever the temperature.
A friend is coming tonight for some crafty time. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I was thinking of trying applique, although I still don't have the attachment on my sewing machine. Probably won't get much done other than chatting !!
Have a fun week.

Monday, 10 September 2012

I am back...

I know, I am very much like buses. You don't see one for ages and then they all come at once ! two posts in one day, my life is back to normal, so I should have more time to write.

I went to a wedding in France during the summer. It was really beautiful. The weather was wonderful, the venue was trully amazing and the bride looked gorgeous.

See how I am sad enough to coordinate us all !!

Anyway, I decided to make the bride a little present she could keep with her at all time. I wanted something small enough that would fit in her hand bag for all the occasions when people you meet say, oh, have you got any pictures?!! I wanted also something personal where she could add her though, more pictures or kind words. So i cam up with the idea of a bound fabric book with lots of pockets and tags.

I did the binding as I learned on TV last Christmas. I am  surprised I still remembered !!

and as you can see ( if you have a magnifying glass that is, I added numerous journaling tags and pockets for her to fill.

I enjoyed making it and I hope she enjoys filling it with treasures and sharing it.


Oups, I did it again !!

I forgot to post my entry for Sketches in Thyme last week ! I really liked the sketch, I had loads of ideas, and ended up choosing the idea of making a fake little book. I like the page, although, I would probably change the bottom. what do you think? here was the sketch:

And here was my page

Why don't you have a go.

Back to school for me too today! busy busy.

Anne X

Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to school

Well kids are back at school today. It looks like they were looking forward to it but I wasn't !! I am one of these sad mums who misses her kids when they go to school. Still the sun is shining so I should make the best of my week off before I have to go back to work !!

I am making a mini book for my friend who got married this summer. I have decided to make the cover out of fabric so I'd better get sewing !!
Anne XXX

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

One day early...

Here is a page I made for Sketches in Thyme. The sketch is coming out tomorrow but I won't get a chance to download it then so I thought I would show you my lay out. You will have to go and check their web site to see the sketch and look at what the other designers have produced. The lay out I made is about our fantastic day out in London, Hyde Park, to watch the Olympics on the Big Screens. We bumped into some long lost friends and we really had the most amazing day. The little envelope hides some journaling and stuff like train tickets and other rubbish ! ( in reality it doesn't yet as I haven't had a chance but it will soon !! )

Anyway here it is..

Not especially my favourite lay out ever but ..hey, you can't love them all !!

Enjoy your holidays.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Mini book.

Quick post today. Just come back from Cheshire and house needs a complete clean and garden could do with a lot of attention. Now that the Olympics are finished, I have no more excuses !
I made a mini book last week for a very nice gentleman who took Amelie and my nephew fishing while we were on holiday in Brittany. He is a retired head master and I hope he likes his thank you present. Might even remind him of the homemade presents the pupils must have given him for Christmas when he was working !! Good or bad !!

I have a page to make for Sketch in Thymes for this week challenge so better get myself moving.

Anne XXX

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A little message...

For a very good friend. She is the bestest friend anyone could wish for and the most amazing inspirational woman and mum ever! But, I forgot her birthday, again !!.So here is a little message for you JANA...


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Do you have time?

It has been a long time, so you might need to make yourself a cup of tea !! The computer was down and Andrew tried to swap it for a MAC. I didn't get on with it so we are now back to the old computer, I like it just the way it is !!
A lot has happened since I last wrote.
First there was the last day of school and the presents for the teachers. I made some Rocky Roads biscuits, added a few strawberry bonbons and foam shrimps, a few pretty labels and tags, and  here they were, looking all pretty ! I can't tell you if they tasted nice but they did look lovely !!
And for the cards, I decided to keep the pattern I had used to make my dad's birthday card a few weeks ago.

And talking about my dad, remember we had bought him a pair of flashy swimming trunks?! Well, the parcel got lost in the post so we were in fact in Brittany when he received them, so I got the chance to take pictures of his happy face !!

No point adding that he never wore them while we were there, but there is hope !! Not much though but  it was a right laugh to see his face !! I took a lot more pictures while we were away and I am sure you will see a lot of them on lay outs soon but here are a few.

While we were in Brittany, challenge86 came live at Sketches in Thyme and here is the page I made for them

The pictures were taken a while back during sports day. This page took a while to finish as I wasn't happy with the proportions and the tittle but it all came together in the end.

Since we have come back from Brittany we have had the chance to go twice to see the Olympics. I only have pictures of our first day but we had a great, amazing memorable time both times.

Right, I think that will be enough for today. I have promise to make a mini book for a friend of my mum who took the kids fishing on his boat so I'd better get to work now that I can print pictures !!

See you soon.


Friday, 13 July 2012


I forgot to mention there is a new sketch over at Sketches in Thyme. It is sketch 83 and here it is..

This is the page I made for them...

I made this page a while ago, after Amelie's fish died. It probably feels silly to bury a fish but there was no  way she was letting it us flush it down down the loo ( not that we would !! ) ( or would we !! ) but anyway, we had to make a grave for it and two months later, despite the constant rain, the little red cross ( red for a gold fish, see !! ) is still standing bright and strong in the flower border !!. I had a play on Picassa with the picture, probably a bit ghostly like , but it was fun !!

Recently I also made a  birthday card for my dad. He loves stamps and is never happier than when he is at home. So.. a stamp looking card with a little house sounded perfect. I actually love the result !

We also bough him a very bright green flowery pair of swim trunks as a joke because he lives 500 meters from the sea but will never be seen on the beach !The kids had a real laugh  writing the card saying he now has no excuse not to come on the beach and make sand castles with them, and I can't wait to see if he raises to the challenge !! Watch out for the pictures showing the evidences !!

Lovely weekend ahead with a whole day scrapping in our local village hall on Saturday. I think I will make my thank you cards for the teachers.

And in case you didn't know, ... I am officially on Holiday !! Well, I am still teaching evening classes for adults but no more kids for seven weeks !! I know I shouldn't shout for joy .. but I will !!Hooray !!

Happy Scrapping


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer fair and Sports day

Nothing to do with scrapbooking, (yet !! ) but for my friends and family abroad, here are pictures of the dancing at the summer fair and Sports day.

We were so lucky with the weather. Well, sports day was rather wet and cold but it still went ahead, so consider ourselves lucky.And on Saturday, for the summer fair, we even caught the sun !


Neglected little blog !

I am back, the summer fair is finished, my lessons are winding down, it is started to smell like summer holidays !! Well, if you forget the constant rain that is !!
Still, I should slowly get some more time for myself and get some scrapbooking done.
I had a little bit of time yesterday to play along the new Scrap 365 Challenge. I used a picture I took at the summer fair on Saturday. Amelie was dancing a country dance and she looked very pretty with her handsome partner. This picture makes me laugh, as the partner in question doesn't seem too keen !!
This was the sketch

And here is my version. I wanted to try a monochrome look, which I had never done. I will have to make more pages about the dancing as it is really colourful and a bright page would probably do the pictures more justice. Still you have to try !

The picture doesn't look quite right but it is very difficult to take good pictures in this gloomy weather.
And a few close ups

It was a lot of fun making the tea stains, but as usual, they didn't quite fall where I wanted them to!

I will try to add some pictures of Sports day and the May pole dancing later.

Enjoy your week.