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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

J'aime la galette.

In france, we celebrate the new year by eating a special cake called "La Galette". It is special because inside is hidden a little stone, or what we call "une feve". Whoever gets the "feve", becomes king or queen of the day and gets to wear a crown !!. People share this cake with friends and families and it is real good excuse to invite people over and have a little party. You can buy galettes anywhere nowadays, even in the supermarkets but they are quite easy to make. So yesterday, I decided to bake one for my adult French class. It looked and tasted lovely, although, I think I need a bit more practise so I will have to bake a few more during the week !!

And now for some scrapbooking!

I made this page at the beginning of January and I really like it as it captures how I felt at the time. I very rarely scrap anything about me. My children are much cuter than me !! but after I made that page, I promised myself that I would try to do a similar page every year just so that I can compare my life as time passes ( and count my wrinkles !!).

Anyway, got to go and teach.

Take care

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  1. That's so sweet. Lovely journaling.
    A great idea.
    The cake looks yummy : )