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Monday, 28 March 2011

Lucky me !!

First of all, I feel so lucky, I won the random pick on Sketchy Thursday last week !! I never win anything ! honest ! never ! and this time I will get a bag of goodies sent to my home, I can't wait!

Last Friday, I went on a shopping trip with three of my anonymous friends. We went to a shop called Crafts You Love in Dorking. I bought lots of very nice papers and we had a really funny day gossipping ! We stopped in a very traditional pub for lunch. The food was scrumptious but the service was less than perfect to say the least. Although the staff was very friendly, they just couldn't cope, so in a very French way, I complained to the manager and got us all a free drink !! It was Gin and Tonic for me !!

The weekend was lovely, sunny weather all round. It makes me want to move out to Australia where I know the weather would be nice most of the year. We can do so much more when the sun is shinning. Kids played outside all day, we had our first BBQ of the year, we went on a family cycle ( with no drama !! Yehoo ! ) and just enjoyed being outside while we can !. I also managed to create a page for Sketchy Thursdays using the pictures I took of Harry playing with Andrew's old action men a couple of weekends ago.

Here is the sketch :

3.24 sketch challenge

And here is my version...

and a closer look...

I would really like Andrew to write something on this page as he felt kind of emotional to see Harry enjoying his old toys but I know it will be a while until I persuade him to do so !!

We also went to see one of our local gardens yesterday. I told you I walk past a wonderful field full of daffodils every day as we walk to school, well, the owner of the house, a lovely lady called Pat, has opened her garden to the public for the month of April and is offering afternoon tea to all of those who take the time to visit. If you live locally, it is really worth the visit. I have never seen anything as beautiful as her garden in full bloom and the scones were also well worth the visit !!I took lots of pictures of Amelie in the daffodils, I will have to sort them out here are a few...

I also let Amelie use my camera to take some pictures for a photo competition she is doing at school and here is the result.. I know.. I have got competition .. call it beginners luck but her pictures are pretty amazing !!

Well I hope you all have a great week ahead. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts..



  1. Hi Anne,
    Your weekend sounds lovely : )
    That LO is amazing. I love all your detail you've added. Really really good.
    Amelie's photos have come out so well.
    Hope to see you soon xxx

  2. hoi Anne

    love your blog and LO's.


  3. hoi hoi

    youre dutch is better than my englisch. Ha ha.
    And dank u wel for visiting my blog. I will follow you.
    Sorry for my spelling mistakes
    have a nice evening

  4. Bravo Amelie! J´espère que tu vas gagner ton concours ( je croise les doigts!) Tata Gwen.
    What did you win then, sis? Take care

  5. Love your page! Beautiful details! And way to go on getting that gin and tonic.

  6. Congrats on last week's win! I love all the little details you added to the layout. Sounds like you have a lot of goodness going on. Thanks for playing along atSketchy Thursdays! xoxo

  7. GORGEOUS lo! I loveeeeeee the photos and loving the colors!! And those photos are just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks sooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)