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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lucky me !!

Today I received a little parcel from France !! I love receiving parcels !! I get so excited !! It was from my mum, I knew straight away as the stamp was beautiful and my mum always makes sure she puts nice stamps on for my dad's collection !! ( That's a hint for all you readers who throw their stamps away !! keep them for my dad ! ) Anyway, in the little parcel, were 22 gorgeous little hand made flowers. A very generous friend of my mum called Jeanne crocheted me these little beauties. Now, I don't even know Jeannne, she is a patchwork friend of my mum, so you can imagine how kind this lady is. So Merci Jeanne pour les jolies fleurs, elles sont magnifiques et elles vont faire bien des envieuses !! and here they are...

I have a French lesson tonight, which is a shame because I have just been to the hairdresser's for Harry and took some good pictures. Harry has been worried about his hair for a few days and is spending quite a lot of time combing it and putting water on it and trying to make it longer every morning ! ( sweet, he is only 6 !!). So today I took him to have his hair cut and when the young lady asked him what he wanted, he answered that he wanted to look like Mathew!! ( Don't you know, Mathew, from school !! ). Mathew is a really nice lad, trendy and very popular. I guess he looks a bit like Justine Beiber, only with black hair. So my little Harry now looks very trendy and very grown up and I can already imagine that it won't be long before I am asked if I can buy hair gel !!

Have a nice evening.


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