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Monday, 7 March 2011

50p ? That's far too much !!

Hello everybody. I hope that you all had a nice weekend. It was cold but sunny here, we can't complain. I can't quite remember what we did on Saturday so it can't have been that exciting but we went to a car boot sale on Sunday. We got up early, very early, packed up the car and set off to sale all of our unwanted ( but still gorgeous !! ) items !! It was such an experience. I love car boot sales and it was lovely to be able to do it with the family. Kids were happy to sale their old stuff, and Andrew sold lots of his toys ( don't feel sad, he has still got a loft full of them !) and I was happy to sale other people's stuff!! It did make me laugh when people argued that good quality items were 50p and could they have it for 20p !! I love bargains but some people were just comical and if anything, car boot sales are a good way to have a laugh !!

I didn't have much chance to scrap but I did take some nice pictures of Harry playing with Andrew's old action men that we found it the loft. They smell so old and look kind of weird but Harry loves them. And I guess it must be nice for Andrew to see his little boy enjoying his old toys.

I did make a page last week for Sketchy Thursdays. I used some pictures I took walking to school. We are so lucky we can walk to school ( although, kids would probably not think themselves lucky everyday !! ). And at the moment we pass a few beautiful gardens on the way. One of the garden looks like my idea of Heaven ( if there is such a thing ) ( but that's another discussion topic ! ). It is truly the most beautiful thing with little crocus, iris and daffodils growing randomly in a meadow. Believe me, it is very special. Anyway, here is the sketch:


And here is my page:

And some close ups !!

I really like the result and it is probably thanks to the kind help of all my anonymous friends and especially anonymous Sue who gave me the back paper. You will also recognise the little flowers that my mum's friend Jeanne made for me.

Anyway, got to go and teach.

See you later



  1. ooooohhhhhhh I love this soooooooo much Anne. It's just gorgeous : )
    Love how you laid the photos out and those little clusters are so pretty.

    Are you free to play soon?
    I miss you x

  2. Just love the color of the base paper! I really like purple but struggle with it on layouts. Also love the colors of those flowers! Overall a fabulous layout with such vibrant spring colors!!!

  3. this is divine, beautiful rich colours ... love your little clusters ... I'm a cluster sort of girl LOL .. I love gardening too..
    quite a few posts back I did some pics of my garden ..I am a nature lover and am passionate about my garden .... take a look if you have time ...big hugz x
    thanks for your wonderful words and becoming a follower...I am having a giveaway when I reach 100 followers to celebrate .. it is a mini book I have made...x

  4. Great take on the sketch challenge! I love how you grouped everything together and your flower clusters are gorgeous!

  5. hey Ann thanks for droppin by my blog again... I noticed on your profile..we are both taurians .. I am May 21st when is yours??
    my post on my garden is dec 21st 2010 "come walk with me in my garden "....have a look see....
    nice to connect with you ... my email is hjacob@bigpond.net.au
    if you want to email me anytime .. take care.. Hugz x

  6. I love love love love this! I loveeeeeeeee the photos, the colors and loveeeeeeeeeee all the flowers!!! Thanks soooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. This is really cute! Love the spring colors and flowers. Thanks for joining us at ST this week:)

  8. STUNNING AS!!! I love your work!! Will be back for sure :) xx