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Monday, 21 March 2011

A little tired.

I am feeling a little tired today. May be the result of two sleepovers in a row or more because of all the hard work in the garden yesterday. We are redesigning the back garden at the moment and that has involved a lot of back breaking efforts to turn grass over, bring in manure and rake new top soil on. Now all the hard work is done. I just have to wait for the brick layer to turn up and build the new border and the real fun job of choosing new plants and buy some bulbs and seeds can start. Yehoo. At the moment it is looking like this...

But I am hoping that in time for summer it will be all nice and colorful and the grass will have grown around.
Talking about garden, I have decided to try and make a page every month to remind myself what is happening in the garden. ( Obviously I will forget next month about my resolution, but here is the first page anyway !! )

Shame about the flash !! the picture is really pretty with vibrant colours. The picture is of my front border and the little crocuses are always the first signs of spring so I just love them.

Anyway got a huge pile of ironing to do ( glamorous life of a woman who works from home!) But in fact in won't be too bad as a friend of mine has sent me a copy of a French concert I used to watch every year when I was young !!

Speak to you soon. And if anybody is local and wants to join our next village crop, it will be on the 7th of May.



  1. gorgeous page Anne ... your garden is going to be full of colour I suspect ... lots of work but worth it in the end result ..hugz x

  2. I love these papers such great colors! Beautiful flowers and love the red stitiching!!!