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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Birthday bush!!

My scrap booking friends bought me two beautiful roses bushes for my birthday in May. One of them has become my most favourite thing in the garden. The colour is so wonderful, it has come right on time to replace the dying blue geraniums and cheers me up whenever I walk out of the door.( Have I really become that much of a gardener that it now makes the head line of my post!! )

Apart from a lovely parcel that was delivered to Andrew when he was in the states last week, I have nothing crafty to show you. But the parcel was really lovely full of goodies from Cocoa Daisy, truly awesome (where did this word come from ? Must be the thought of America)

Today, well yesterday, Violette was 24 weeks. Back to her normal routine, I am so grateful, although this week of horrendous sleeping reminded me that everything is a phase, good or bad and I should really enjoy the nights when she does sleep for 13 hours. I am sure we will be up again soon!!

But still looking cute!!

I hope you have a good week.

Anne X

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  1. Hello : ) Just catching up with you. Glad Baby V is sleeping through again. You got a CD kit!! I hope you loved it. Lovely bush you have by the way!!! Hugs xxx