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Monday, 8 July 2013

25 weeks

My baby is 25 weeks today. Should really have some teeth by now, but no sign, although every time she cries I am hearing myself saying, " it must be her teeth! "

Had a wonderful weekend watching the tennis. Saturday was great as the French lady won the final but Sunday was memorable as I went to London with one of my anonymous friend to watch Murray win the final. It was unbearably hot and mad busy but what a day. 

Hopefully I will have time to make a page soon to remember this wonderful day. I also have to make the teachers' presents this week. Well, I actually don't technically need to make them, I bought some old fashion sweets so all I have to do is warp them nicely and make some thank you tags. 
This week is also advertising week for me. I should spend time visiting playgroups and trying to find some new customers but ... hmm, it is hot, isn't it! Let's start tomorrow!

Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Must have been fantastic tennis day! I love all the pictures! Have a great summer days!!!