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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekend in Lille.

What a lovely weekend ! I have just come back from a three day weekend in Lille with three of my anonymous friends. We went there for a scrapbooking show called " Pour l'Amour du Scrap" but really, it was just an excuse for a weekend away !! We had such a great time, delicious food, plenty of cocktails, numerous shopping bags and a little scrapbooking !
The show didn't turn out to be that great. It was pretty small and there was no bargain to be made ! But.. we came across this amazingly talented lady called Tanya Watts who taught us how to use inks to make tags. Tanya is a "ranger educator ", one of these people who hang out with Tim Holtz and call him her buddy ! This woman was an inspiration. She has just recovered from Breast Cancer and has enough energy and enthousiasm to host a show and make it real fun. Our time with her was the highlight of our trip, ( well, the cocktails were pretty good too ! ) and we came out with two little handmade tags to cherish. ( Well, I have got three as Tanya gave me an extra one !! ) ( I know, me !! Not the others !! ) ( in fact it isn't even for me ! It is for a friend, but anyway, I am rambling !! ) ( talking about rambling.. no I won't say anything about Sue who likes to wake up at 6 and tell me everything I would ever want to know, and even the things I never knew I wanted to know !! and still have enough energy to talk through the day ! ) ( now, I have found my match, someone who talks more than me ! ) Anyway, I was talking about the tags so here they are..

First the one made by the Master Tanya Watts:

And then my creations.. taddaddaaa...

These were so much fun to make, I really need to buy some more ink now so I can make some more !!

But anyway, here are a few more pictures about our trip. You will recognise, Aunty Pauline ( not her real name ), Sue, the Newcastle lass, ( that's her real name !! ) and the Techy One ( not her real name but you might have guessed that !! )

 Breakfast Au pain Quotidien

Petit Plaisir

Garlic Snails for dinner !

Cocktail glass nearly empty !

Hard at work

There are hundreds more pictures to share so I can see a mini book coming !!

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend. I couldn't have chosen a nicer bunch of girls to go away with and Sue, even if you talk at 6 o'clock, it was a pleasure and a real laugh to share a room with you.

Take care



  1. wow ! apparemment vous avez pris du bon temps ! Quelle chance d'avoir pu travailler avec quelqu'un comme Tanya ! Bises

  2. Tanya may be talented but I like your tags better.

  3. Thanks for a great weekend. Fun times & plenty of scrap inspiration (mainly due to the cocktails!). x

  4. Sounds like a really great, fun weekend away, and I love those tags, lovely :)