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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sooo cute...

Still having fun with my sewing machine !! And my blog isn't called Hobby D'un Jour ( Pass time of a day ) for no reason !! People who know me will confirm that I get bored really quickly and my interest changes from day to day. So at the moment I am mad about sewing. That involves surfing the interest until the early hours of the morning for free patterns, ( any recommendations welcome !! ), dreaming about sewing projects, spending money on sewing material, boring my friends and family with sewing miracles and spending time trying to understand my machine ( I do have a manual but that would be far too simple !! ). So anyway, here is my new achievement !! A pretty skirt for Amelie ! And trust me, this is an achievement. You are talking to the girl who CAN' T SEW, WON'T SEW !! but I am very proud of myself !! I did learn a few lessons on the way...
  1. Always read the instructions carefully
  2. Always read the instructions carefully
  3. Always read the instructions carefully
  4. Make sure you won't run out of thread.
  5. Make sure you won't run out of bias tape.
  6. Make sure you put a lot of time aside ( It might say "quick and Easy " on the box, but is it ever !! )
  7. Make sure you have a child who loves everything that you make and is very easily pleased !! (I do !! )
And with this in mind, here is what I made !!

Impressed !! ( that is mainly for my mum and my sister who were starting to despair about my abilities to sew !! )

But enough about sewing and back to scrapbooking. Well, card making. Remember, a few weeks ago I received a lovely card from Cat, well, I feel I had to make her a special card too. She likes everything vintage and antique looking so I came out of my Clean and Simple style to make her a grungy looking card and here is the result..

She has received it and she likes it ( Or so she says !! ) ( mind you she is French so she would probably say if she didn't!! ).

So, off I am to school to teach. Enjoy the rest of the week. I am looking forward to the weekend. we have a crafty day on Saturday with the lovely and talented Lisa teaching us some new techniques. Why don't you come and join us if you are local.

Anne XXX


  1. The skirt is adorable! Love that pattern around the bottom. And the card is cool. Love the flag and the burlap!!!

  2. oh la coquine ! Bien sûr que je l'aime ta carte. comment pourrais-je ne pas l'aimer ! Tu as mis de côté ton style habituel pour me faire plaisir, et rien que pour ça, je te dis un GRAND MERCI. Gros bisous

  3. Well, the big sister is impressed! Is that the beginning of a stash, where we can swap fabric and all... Bisous