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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quiet but busy !!

I haven't had a chance to write for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy !!

Two weeks ago, I was lucky to attend a local crop with some friends and the lovely Lisa. We learnt how to make flowers and Lisa taught us through a page. I haven't quite finished that one yet so I can't show it to you but I also got a chance to start my 12 pictures for 12 hours project. Let me explain.. a couple of weeks ago, my anonymous friends and I decided to journal and record one day of our lives. We first thought we could make a page and it would be nice for the kids to look at it 50 years down the line. Well, a page wasn't going to be quite big enough so I decided to make a mini book. I felt courageous and spent a night misting and distressing, cutting and glueing, splatting gesso and paint all over the place, ( litteraly all over, yes, walls and floors were not spared unfortunately ! ) but I loved the result, my pages looked good and were ready for my journalling. So I spent most of the crop inking time, sticking pictures and masking tape. All I had to do left was write the journal and think of a cover and a way of binding all the pages. And add a bit of sewing.. of course.. !
So here it is...

I like the grunge look, very different from my last mini book which was clean and simple. But if I am honest, it was a little too messy for me ! My fingers are still red a week later !!

Now, back to sewing ! Are you bored of it yet? because I still can't get enough, and it is catching !!

Amelie is also at it now, making skirts for her doll !She is so creative I am not surprise she loves it too. The only problem is her attention span ! She has millions of good ideas but a little like me, she gets bored half way through her project, still, she did a good job ! And she didn't sew her fingers or break the machine !!

And talking about skirts, I know it is still winter but surely it is never too early to make summer skirts so here is one I made earlier !! Yes, another one for Amelie's collection !

And the little bird is an idea I have for Easter decorations...

But it might not be ready for this Easter !!.

I hope that you are enjoying half term. We are loving it. It is just so nice to stay at home and not rush around.

Speak to you soon.



  1. Wonderful BOM and congrats to Amelie

    1. LOVE : )

      Please can you teach me Anne?
      I want to sew too

  2. lovely mini book Anne, love the grungy feel and the big numbers/time on each page :) LOL at your fingers still being red, I know what you mean, it can last ages :)