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Monday, 10 September 2012

I am back...

I know, I am very much like buses. You don't see one for ages and then they all come at once ! two posts in one day, my life is back to normal, so I should have more time to write.

I went to a wedding in France during the summer. It was really beautiful. The weather was wonderful, the venue was trully amazing and the bride looked gorgeous.

See how I am sad enough to coordinate us all !!

Anyway, I decided to make the bride a little present she could keep with her at all time. I wanted something small enough that would fit in her hand bag for all the occasions when people you meet say, oh, have you got any pictures?!! I wanted also something personal where she could add her though, more pictures or kind words. So i cam up with the idea of a bound fabric book with lots of pockets and tags.

I did the binding as I learned on TV last Christmas. I am  surprised I still remembered !!

and as you can see ( if you have a magnifying glass that is, I added numerous journaling tags and pockets for her to fill.

I enjoyed making it and I hope she enjoys filling it with treasures and sharing it.



  1. This is a fabulous idea for a wedding gift... And I love those colours!!
    Do you mind if I borrow the idea of your amazing creation?!?! :)

    By the way... I co-ordinate my family at special events too, so not so "sad"... lol


  2. Is this family photo made for any magazine? It is like an advertisement for a happy family!!! I just love it!