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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Not very much to do...

with scrapping but I am in the process of making a mobile for a baby girl's room. I had this idea from a necklace I wear a lot which a lot of people comment on. I bought it a long long time ago in Asia somewhere, at the time I was a stewardess. Looking back I should I bought hundreds of them as I could have sold twice as many ! Anyway, I have decided to embark on this project, using mainly a Moda Charm Pack called Wing It. I think it is actually discontinued now but a friend of mine had a few bits and pieces left, enough for me to get some ideas. I also got inspired by a wonderful lady called Chloe Owens who has published a great book full of easy projects using applique, embroidery and more. The book is called All Sewn Up and I really recommend it, may be you could put it on your Xmas list?
So here is the famous necklace.

and here is what I have made so far..

I especially like the little clouds ! Now, I am not sure how I will attach them all together, may be a wooden circle at the top. I still need to make another 3 dangly bits so I will keep you updated !!
Still nothing to do with scrapbooking, but this month, we are celebrating Amelie and Harry's birthday. I am not a big fan of birthday parties when you feel obliged to invite the whole class and all of your friends kids even when you don't like them, and I have always managed to convince the kids to have a small gathering at home. In fact, it has always been quite a lot of organising and thinking about how to entertain 5 or 6 children for two hours. But this year, Amelie has decided to share a swimming pool party with some friends born on the same day and Harry has decided to take a few friends to Laser Run. So I don't have too much thinking to do !! I didn't even have to make Amelie's party invitations as the other mum made them !! Perfect !! ( well, not quite how I would have made them myself, but perfectly adequate !! ). So, all I had to do was to worry about Harry's invitations . Because he is a huge fan of Legos, it had to be something related. I found the perfect inspiration on Pinterest ( best site ever !! ) and here is what we have come up with. It was a team effort, although, I ended up having to really work at it and all Harry had to do was give his ideas !!


the idea is that you can change his outfit by just lifting the flaps !! I know pretty cool hey !! Especially like the gold necklace ! I would like to take all the credit for this realisation but in fact, I only copied an idea, it wasn't ours in the first place, we just loved it !

And finally, go and check Sketches in Thyme. The have a designer call at the moment. Come on, give it a go. The team is lovely, all you need to create two lay outs a month and comment on a few blogs, and you get to vote for your favourites ! What have you got to lose ?
See you soon.


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