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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Soooo excited !!

I am so excited and you know why ... father Christmas is bringing me a new lense for my camera, 70 to 200mm. This is sooo cool, I will be able to take a picture of the kids whilst they are playing and they won't even see me !!I am sure there are lots of other things I could do with it, but this is what I am looking forward the most.

At the moment I am having a cleaning obsession. It doesn't happen often, trust me !! but I have found this new product that smells like apples and it reminds me of the shampoo I used to have when I was little, and suddenly, every time I squirt, I am time travelled back to my childhood. I can see myself at summer camp, at my grandma, and suddenly forgotten memories come flooding back. Isn't it strange how the brain works, what triggers your memory. fascinating ! Anyway, I had to scrap this strange new obsession and Sketchy Thursday was perfect as usual.

Here is the sketch..
12.01 sketch challenge

And here is my take...

May be I should write to the company and ask to be paid for the free advertising !! Mind you, I never said it was a great cleaning product, it just smells good !!

Enjoy the Christmas preparations. It is all go here, kids are sewing stockings at the moment, hence this post is taking me forever as they keep loosing their needle !!

Have fun..



  1. gorgeous page and lucky you to be getting such an awesome camera .... good on you ... happy xmas xoxo

  2. Love how you titled the pics! Cute page!! :)

  3. Anne - I love the vibrant colours and I love your fun design!!

  4. Love this Anne. I use this spray to clean too. Love it!! x

  5. Ah!Meu Deus.Que maravilhosos os seus scraps.
    Eu amei.
    Beijos do Brazil!I loved it!