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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Little Book of My Favourite Things...

Here is a little book I have made following instructions from Kirstie Allsopp. Has anyone ever seen her programs? Most of my friends have and they are divided into two very separate groups. Those who think that Kirstie is a complete waste of space and and an insult to modern women, (who in their right mind would ever have the time or the inclination to make such useless things as a felt bird or a heart garland!).. And those friends who like me, think that Kirstie is an inspiration and absolutely can't wait to try and make all the Christmas decorations and gifts that she makes in her programs.

So, with my new sewing machine ( I know I haven't updated you recently but I got a new sewing machine from my mum for Christmas and I know it isn't Christmas yet but we have already celebrated !! ). So anyway, with my new sewing machine and my mum's expertise, a little help from the program and a good stash of leather and paper from my scrapping supplies, I made a Little book and I gave it to a very special friend for Christmas. ( someone who I know would appreciate my effort and excitement at creating such a cute little thing ! ) so... tadadadaaa...

This is the first of many, watch this space.. the teachers will get one for their summer presents and everybody I know for their birthdays !! I have ideas of making mini books with them. I am sooo excited about this, it looks and feels gorgeous, even if I say so myself.

I have also been busy with my Christmas mini book and added pages of our early Christmas dinner, our trip to Winchester, our winter ball and carols in the barn. It is too late to show you pictures now but I will try tomorrow.

Have fun everyone and Merry Christmas if I don't get to speak to you sooner.

Anne XXX


  1. Way to go! It is so much fun using a sewing machine for your layouts!
    I do not know anything about KA but seems like a woman to my taste!

  2. très joli, mais j'attends toujours que tu m'envoies ton adresse pour que je t'adresse une petite cartounette de NOEL... bisous

  3. là voici : catherinesiwczak@wanadoo.fr