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Thursday, 29 December 2011

And all there is to remember...

Christmas has been and gone and all there is to remember is recorded in my precious little mini book. I have really enjoyed making this book. In a way, it has helped me appreciate Christmas more, making every moment special enough to record.
I hope that you are ready for quite a few pictures !!

I like this mini book because it has lots of tags with things to read at the back. I am not sure I will make another one next year but I think that the trick to get your Christmas mini book finished is to have it prepared before December. I had all the pages made and I had mostly planed what would go on each one. Things did change and the finish product isn't quite what I expected but I like it all the more.

Now for another picture of something a friend gave me for Christmas. I especially love home made Christmas gifts and I thought this tree was gorgeous, simple but effective.

I will definitely make some more with the kids next year.

If I don't get to speak to you before the new year, have a lovely happy and crafty new year.



  1. Salut ! Malheureusement, j'étais si malade pour NOEL que je n'ai pris aucune photo... tant pis pour 2011... Bravo pour tes réalisations et comme on dit chez nous : "bon bout d'an" !

  2. Lovely little Christmas book, love the papers, vellums and tags :)
    Happy New Year, and thanks for all of your lovely comments throughout the year :)