spoonful of sugar

Monday, 25 July 2011

This day is for me and only ME !!

Kids are still at school for another two days and I have finished my lessons so today is MY day !! Crafty things, a page started that needs to be finished, a few gifts tags to make, some cookies to bake and may be a cup of tea at my friend !! Better get on with it !! But just before I go, these pictures are for my anonimous friend Rachel, I know she will appreciate !!

Now, I know this probably doesn't look spectacular to you, but I have organised and tidied my draws. ( Well, there might still be one little messy draw !! ). I have tidied my ribbons and threads, put all my flowers together, sorted out my papers !! ( I should so get a life !! ) but I know my friend will be proud of me !!!

Hopefully I will come back later with my latest crafty creations !!

Oh, and I almost forgot !! I won a RAK, yehooo. The lovely and very talented Helen Tilbury has chosen me to be the worthy winner. I am so chuffed, I can't wait for my little parcel !! In the mean time go and check her website here. I love reading her blog and her creations are truly amazing.

See you later.



  1. The organization looks great! Enjoy your day for yourself!!! Can't wait to see what you create!

  2. quelle chance ! Comme quoi il n'y a pas que moi qui gagne des tirages au sort !! hihi. En ce qui me concerne, je passe plus de temps à ranger qu'à scrapper !