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Monday, 18 July 2011

Raining, again !!

I need to immigrate, not sure where to, but there must be a country where it doesn't rain 24/7 in the middle of the summer !!

We had a nice weekend despite the horrible weather. It was the Horticultural show in our village on Saturday and we did enjoy it. I love this very English tradition. People compete for the best homegrown vegetable and fruit, the best piece of art and cake, the best picture and and flower arrangement .. Harry had entered a competition of an "Imaginary mini beast " and won first prize !! ( ok, his was the only one !! ) but he was also chosen as the best piece of children's art and another cup. Amelie won second place for her non functional piece of art . She had made an insect house with some painted clay insects and butterflies and I won third prize for my "Flowers from the garden ". Which I am very pleased with as there were dozens of entries and I was competing against very old ladies who have been doing these kind of things for years !!. We also came back with bags of vegetables from the auction, a few tomato and pepper plants, and I won a flower pot at the raffle !! So a very good day indeed. And that was despite the terrible hangover, but we won't go into details !!!

On Friday I received a fantastic parcel from Natalie Elphinstone. I had won one of her give away and I was very excited when I saw the Australian stamp. The parcel was full of beautiful goodies and the picture only shows a few but trust me, it was once more, Christmas in the summer !!

Finally, I have decided to enter the Sketchy Thursday challenge, although I have checked and there are already some amazing entries !!. This is the sketch...

7.14 sketch challenge

And this is my take.

The pictures where taken last Friday during Sports day at School. Both Amelie and Harry did extremely well. (must be the training at 6 every morning !! ) ( I am kidding !!) (Better clarify this before Social Services come knocking on my door !! ). I know, people say it is the taking part that count and they are probably right, but I am very competitive and so are the kids so I was really proud of them !!.


  1. quelle idée aussi d'aller habiter là haut !!!... hihi. Ici il fait une chaleur terrible... bon on a des orages... mais ça ne dure pas ! bravo pour ta jolie page et félicitations pour le giveaway. Natalie t'a gâtée !

  2. That does sound like a fun day! Love the layout, great color combo. The butterflies and the ribbon are fab!!!

  3. Aload of winners in your house hey?!!
    Well done : )
    I just adore that LO Anne. I have a thing for orange right now. Did you stitch around the outside? And I love your butterflies. So pretty xxx
    ps...fancy a craft session with the kids at mine when they break up?

  4. You could move here....we have 300 days of sun...BAD news to that is... hehehehehehe... its over 110 degrees most of those 300 days! lol! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the photos and loveeeeee the butterflies! Thanks sooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Or you could move here - but you would need air-conditioning in every room throughout Summer, Spring & Autumn & the average temperature is over 30 degrees! Love your layout here - so neat & structured - and I am all about competition - teach the klods young I say - that is the way of the world - whether we like it or not...

  6. Hope that rain goes away for you! This layout is gorgeous! Love all the butterflies...thanks for visiting my blog...I loved hearing from you :))xx

  7. Oh how nice! I like the way you used two pics instead of one for the sketch...looks fab!

  8. Nice to know I'm not alone! If that's stitching around your page I'm very impressed - much neater than mine would be!

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed your prize. And I'm really loving this layout. You have such a way with colours :-)