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Friday, 8 July 2011

Sit down and have a cup of tea !!

I have made one myself as this post will probably be a long one ! Lots to show !! 

First of all, yesterday afternoon I went to my favorite charity shop and found lots of old Lady Birds books. You know the books I mean, old children picture books. They are really lovely and the little old lady serving me looked very shocked when I told her I was going to cut them out !! Her little face was saying it all, "how dare you cut into this piece of British Heritage, you silly foreigner !!" I am sure she was going to tell all her friends and I will probably never be allowed to set foot in her shop ever again !!. Still I have got them now and I will show you later how I have already used one of them !!

Last night, my anonymous friends, Rachel, Claire and Sue came over for some scrapbooking. We decided to all do the new Sketchy Thursday Challenge. We had a lovely evening ( eating far too many liquorice all sorts, well especially me and chocolates and crisps ) and it was great to see the results of three people looking at the same sketch !! The four pages are really nice yet amazingly different, I wanted the girls to leave their pages here so I could enter them all for the challenge but they all chickened out !! Chicken, chicken !!. Anyway here was the sketch...

And here is what I made...

These pictures were taken last weekend at the summer fare. Harry was doing the May pole dancing and Amelie was doing Country Dancing. They both did really well and put on a brilliant show. I wanted to make this page quite simple as I have used a lot of layers and embellishments recently. I felt had had to go back a bit and "purify" my pages if that makes sense. I interpreted the bunting with three little tags and some string. I really like the result and especially the picture in the back ground, straight from my "new" old picture book !!

This morning I got a lovely surprise in the post !! A parcel from France. Jeanne, a very lovely friend of my mum, has made me some more crochet flowers !! Merci Jeanne, encore une fois elles sont superbes et j'ai deja plein d'idees comment les utiliser !!

Finally, I got a bit of time for myself today, ( that it after I had to go round the shops and distribute thank you letters to all the generous shop owners who gave us presents for the school raffle !! ) so I decided to do a bit of baking. I had to make some cookies for Amelie anyway as she needed some for her Brownie Camp . Yes, Brownie camp, two nights away !! My baby girl  is gone for two whole nights !! It is going to be so quiet and tidy here !!  

So I saw on a blog a long time ago, some little biscuits made in the shape of buttons. I remembered them well as I thought they would make great presents for the teachers at school. Today I looked for a recipe and I found something quite similar but not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to make something special so I decided to make a dough and add some lavender flowers. I have lots of them in my garden ( you know, part of my blue scheme !! ). I thought today would be a practise and I would just try them on my friends and family !! As it turned out, a friend came round and told me they were nice and they actually took me quite a while to make. The shape was easy and the cooking very quick. It was threading the ribbons that took forever. The little holes close up a bit when you cook them so it was harder that I thought. So I just thought I would use this batch for the teachers !! Two and a half weeks early but yeh !! I wrapped them up nicely and tadddaa !!

I am so pleased with the result !! They look so cute !! Now, if I am completely honest, they do look better than they taste ! But they will be perfect dunk in tea !!

The teachers looked a bit puzzled this afternoon when the kids gave them their biscuits but now I feel it is done and all I have to worry is making a couple of cards !!

Right, time to go and read my book.

Have a lovely weekend everybody.



  1. bravo pour cette belle publication ! Ta page est magnifique, bien qu'assez éloignée du sketch. Dommage que tes copines ne nous montrent pas les leurs. Quant aux fleurs en crochet, tu as été très gâtée ! Et les biscuits... MIAM ! hihi

  2. Great take on the sketch, et les fleurs sont vraiment jolies!!

  3. What a gorgeous post full of loveliness Anne! Yes people are always totally shocked at the idea of cutting up old books but I am all for it LOL - in fact I have a basket full of them just for that purpose!! Your layout is great too & your detail at the top is so clever - excellent! Gorgeous cookies too - they sure look tasty enough!

  4. Love how the Sketchy Thursdays layout turned out. The twine, tickets and everything at the top are fabulous! Oh and I LOVE the button cookies!

  5. GORGEOUS LO!! I loveeeeeeeee the title right in the middle of the photos!! And you book story makes me giggle!! Sad part... I went to a scrapbook store one time...and the check out girl asked me what I was going to do with the paper... and I said I was going to cut it up for a project...and she looked at me like I had two heads!! LOL!! And that is what scrap paper is FOR!! LOL! Thanks sooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. I love your take on this sketch. It is so pretty and unique! Thanks for playing with Sketchy Thursdays!

  7. Great sketch.Love what you did with it! Tell your friends I would have loved to see their takes too....lol!
    Those cookies in the bags with lavender look so good. I bet the teachers were impressed! When something looks that good, does it really matter if the taste is not as good....?I would just stick them on my shelf and enjoy them....
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Great take on the Sketchy Thursday challenge:) Your cookies look gorgeous too!