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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tres British

I am back !! I know you have all missed me and my posts ! ( hmm, may be not ! )

We had a very busy half term, spending a week in Spain with Andrew's parents and a weekend in London.
Spain was hot as you expect and the highlight of the trip was definitely a boat trip to see the dolphins. Although ask the kids and they will tell you that the day in Aqua Land was their best day ever and specifically the "kamikaze slide " ( Don't ask! I still have nightmares about it ! ). But to come back to the dolphins, it was really special and unforgettable. It is hard to capture the magic on camera but Andrew, who was in charge of the camera that day got some pretty good shots.

And last weekend we went to London to watch Trooping the Colours. A very British tradition when hundreds of soldiers and musicians march on Horse Guards Parade to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Her birthday isn't actually until next weekend so what we saw was a rehearsal but still, it was pretty spectacular. The kids also enjoyed it and hopefully they will remember it as it is very hard to get tickets and we were extremely lucky to have front row seats.
I decided to use the sketch on Sketchy Thursdays to display my colourful takes of the day. As soon as I saw the sketch, I knew I would cut the picture into quarters so I could show more pictures and thought I was being quite clever, until I saw what the original designer did and it was exactly what she had done !! Great minds think alike !!

Anyway, here is the sketch...

6.02 sketch challenge

And here is my colourful take...

It took me a long time to choose the colours. I usually like things that match and find it hard to use bold and opposite colours but this time, i had no choice. I had nothing that match and everything that was sightly resembling made the pictures look dull. So I followed my friend Lisa's advise ( scrappyfairies ) and used bold colours. I think it works and the page looks as colourful and bright as the ceremony.

Now for another British day. Remember the Royal Wedding. I know, it seems a long time ago ! We had a fantastic street party here and I decided to make a mini book. I started a long time a ago and I was very enthusiastic about it a first but as the days went by, I got a bt bored with it ( story of my life !! )! Recently a very good friend of mine made me a little hand stitched button that I knew would look great on the side of my mini book. So I found all my bit and pieces again and finished it. The last pages aren't half as beautiful as the middle pages but at least, it is done and I can start something else !! So as promised, here is the longest mini book ever ! ( not by its size but the time it took me to finish it ! )

Well, I think that's it for today. hopefully I will get a chance to do a bit more this week !

Take care



  1. Hey Anne,
    Yes, I missed you. Sounds like you had a great week.
    I love your Sketchy Thursdays page. So bright and beautiful. Love the touches of hand stitching too.

  2. Oh wow ! this is gorgeous ! I love the colour mix !

  3. Wow, where do I start. Sounds like you've had a great half term, fun packed, and yes, we have missed you :) Your Sketchy Thurday's layout is just gorgeous, well done for being brave with the bright colours, it's really payed off and it looks stunning, I'm sure it'll be picked as a fave again (well done for being picked last time by the way)
    Now onto the mini book, that button your friend made is gorgeous, and what a lovely little mini book, a great way of remembering the special weekend. :)

  4. What an AWESOME vacation! i loveeeeeeeeeeeee your lo and your mini! AWESOME colors and photos! Thanks soooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):)

  5. WOWOWOWOW! Your page and your album are jusr fantastic! The colors you chose are perfect! Thanks for joining us this week at Sketchy Thursdays!