spoonful of sugar

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Drink, anyone?

Busy busy with our summer fair at school coming up on Saturday. Not much time to scrap with all that needs doing !! ( although I have got an idea for Sketchy Thursdays sketch this week but it will have to be a very last minute thing !! ). In the mean time, my lounge looks like a toy shop, combined with a wine merchant !! My car is full of toys and garden stuff for the plant stall. My fridge is full of chilled beers and my freezer full of chop onions ( for the BBQ ) ! Anyone for a party !!

Speak to you soon !! ( if I haven't been buried under the amount of stuff coming in to my house over the next few days !!)


PS: And if you have ever thought about putting your day down for the PTA... don't !! You won't have time to scrapbook, get your priorities right !!


  1. Wow I didn't realize school functions required so much booze! :) Enjoy!!!

  2. I did not understand everything, but it sounds awful !!! lol