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Monday, 20 May 2013

What a weekend!!

It all started on Friday night, with my birthday party. 28 girl friends came to celebrate my birthday at a Robbie William tribute in a hotel near us. Now, I am not the biggest fan, well, he is kind of nice but I wouldn't necessarily pay to see the real guy, but this chap was really good fun, cheeky and talented. We all had a fantastic night. Well I hope people did, I know, I had a great time and it was so lovely to have all my friends around. All the men babysat, which was also a nice change!

I stayed the night and had breakfast with some friends and when I got home Andrew and the kids had lots of surprises for me and gorgeous food ready on the BBQ. I felt a bit worse for wear on Saturday but I blame it on Mariska's snoring.
On Saturday night, the Eurovision was on and as sad as it sounds, we love watching it and Grahame Norton's comments always make me laugh.
And Finally on Sunday, I did a 5 hours cookery course and in farm near us. It was great, especially since a friend of mine was also there. I ate in enough in a weekend to last me for a month. I dare try the skinny jeans I wore on Friday night, they would probably burst!!

And now for the cutey Violette 18 week picture...

 Still the easiest baby in the world! But I am sure I will eat my words one day!

Have a great week.

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