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Monday, 18 June 2012

Art Journaling

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend a class taught by the super talented Lisa. Not only did we get a day without husband and kids ( I love them dearly but a day off is always nice !! ) but we also got a chance to paint and mist and glue and spray and stencil and doodle and last but not least eat some delicious cakes !!
I had a wonderful day with very nice and creative ladies. The result is unfinished but looking good so far. I have decided to keep the title of my original book "I 'll always remember" and just added "life is good". I have the intention of writing positive or beautiful things that have happened to me. Small stuff, not life changing experiences. Just moments or words and thoughts that made me smile. So when I feel down I could always read a page or two and remember... So profound, I know !!

So anyway, here is the cover and two pages that I have made so far. I have actually started a few other pages but they are not finished yet, so I will just photograph them as I go and fill them in..

It was fun to do so I hope I keep it up !!

Enjoy your week.


  1. How fabulous! Really love the 2nd page layout great colors and texture. Sounds like a fun time, getting away from the family is necessary! Just curious but are you allowed to bring "inspirational" beverages to such events. The owner of our local scrapbook store lets us. However inspirational work doesn't always lead to quality work. :)

  2. Love your art inspirational book. Love the touches of blue and red and white on the cover. It is going to be a beautiful book


  3. Anne, I love what you've made. Just beautiful. Loved spending the day with you. xxx