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Monday, 21 May 2012

What a treat !!

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes and all the fabulous presents and cards I was given. I can honestly say, this was one of the most special birthday I have ever had ! ( could it be that it is because it is the last one before THE big one !! )
And to top it all up, we decided to finish the weekend in Brittany, having breakfast with my brother. So we got on the boat on Saturday night, spent the night enjoying a lovely meal at the restaurant and watching the magic show ! ( did I ever mention I hate magic !! ) (but Harry loves it ! ) and when we woke up, we had breakfast in St Malo with my brother and his gorgeous wife, and then we came back !! Silly but fun and relaxing, no washing or cooking, no gardening or excuses not to sit down and play Monopoly for four hours !! I am easily pleased !

So I didn't get much time to scrapbook and that's a little shame because I got some pretty cool stuff and new magazines for my birthday but I did get a chance to make a card for my little brother. Not so little anymore you see, he is turning 30 this year. I was so proud with my card. He loves travelling and I thought I would use some of my new Studio Calico paper. Unfortunately, I made a little mistake with the date at the bottom, nothing I couldn't correct after he had noticed, but not soon enough that I had already taken the picture. So you get the original version with the mistake !

At least it looks hand made !!.

Busy week ahead, hopefully I will get a chance to sit down one evening and use my new goodies !

Take care


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  1. Lovely card....I confess I am not good at cards...lol,
    tks for visiting my blog.