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Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy, happy, me..

Today there is a little bit of sunshine coming through the grey clouds, I am going for a pub lunch with some girlfriends and I am hosting a dinner party with my French girlfriends. Life is good !

I know it looks like I haven't been very creative these days, but, really I have ! It is only that it is top secret work !! Well, it isn't really but it does sound good, so let's keep up the pretence !

But what I can show you is my first sketch for Sketches in Thyme. I find their sketches easy to use and you can add lots to them to suit your style. So here is the sketch

and here is what I transformed it into...

The little confetti were a little bit of a time waster if I am honest ( they are supposed to look like the rain !! ) but I enjoyed making the page and the kids enjoyed jumping into the puddles. Well, it actually looked more like a pond than a puddle. And now, we are all a little too familiar with the rain and I can't wait for the sunshine !

If you like the sketch, why don't you have a look at what the other designers did for inspiration and give it a go !

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Thank you so much for all your nice comments. I am not very good at taking the time to return them but I do appreciate them, a lot !!

Take care,



  1. So, so beautiful, Anne! LOVE the haphazard arrangement of your design! And those little, confetti bits are the perfect finishing touch!

  2. Such an Adorable page! Love all the fun elements you used in your design :)

  3. You should book a flight and come to enjoy a real summer with us!!! It is so hot here, you would enjoy it! 31 degrees today. The weather forecast for tommorow is only 15 degrees, cannot wait for it.

    Hope you enjoyed the party today!

  4. First my eyes catch the transparency, then the confetti, then your love doily. And I realize I love everything about this page. What a great inspiration, Anne :)