spoonful of sugar

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

let the sun shine !!

The weather is so lovely today, really doesn't inspire me to do any work !! Would much rather be outside and I really don't blame the kids who spend the lesson looking outside longingly !!

Not much happening on the scrapping front either ! Well I did get some time at the weekend to continue my mini book about my trip to Lille, but it is still not finished and at the moment it feels a little like it will never be finished. Yes, as you know, I do get bored of projects very quickly. So, to get my inspiration flowing and my motivation growing, here are a few pictures.

I like the look of it so far, a little grungy and messy, only a couple of pages left and the front and back cover ( although, I often give up on the back cover !! ) so if anybody has any ideas or pictures of what I should do for the front cover, feel free to inspire me. I was thinking about corrugated or ( however you say it ) cardboard !

Enjoy the rest of the week, only 6 working days and a bit until Easter Break for me.Yehhooo.



  1. Anne, this is so fun : ) I love the look. Corrugated card sounds like the perfect finish. Have a great day x

  2. This is looking great, you should finish it! There's so much to look at and I like the polka dots and grids throughout. I like the cardboard idea. :)

  3. c'est très coloré et j'aime bien ce côté grunge... bisous

  4. Love your style & the memories - what a scream!