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Monday, 23 May 2011

Busy bee !

Time flies and I don't get time to do all that I would like to do !

We went to Devon this weekend to celebrate my birthday and we had a wonderful time. We stayed in a "luxury Mobile Home ". I wouldn't stay it was luxurious ( not really by 2011 standards anyway, may be it was about 20 years ago !! ) but it was cosy, there was even a little electric fire and we had lots of fun. The weather was mixed and we didn't get to swim in the sea but we got to watch the intrepid and brave (or nut ) surfers out there ! We found the most amazing cafe, right on the beach in Putsborough that served hot chocolate with Marshmallows and honestly, there isn't anywhere nicer in the world.

I mean, look at this view !
I loved Devon when I was young and Andrew and I stayed in a very basic campsite in Croydes but I liked it even better with the kids, even if we had to stay in my idea of hell campsite !! ( The funny thing is that when we saw this campsite 15 years ago, Andrew and I swore we would never go to a campsite with loud kids and swimming pools with slides and all day entertainment !! ) funny how we change !!

Anyway, obviously never got time to scrapbook but I have just noticed on Sketchy Thursdays that the sketch they have this week would work for my previous post and my entry for THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. Here is the sketch...

5.19 sketch challenge

And so, here is my entry !! again !! I wasn't chosen for their GDT,  ( not sulking or anything !! ) ( just hate losing !! ) So I hope they like this one !!

I will speak to you soon. I am making a mini book about our street party for the Royal wedding and it might be finished soon !! Well, may be ...

Take care


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy Birthday to me !!

It was my birthday yesterday. ( yes do feel guilty if you forgot !! ) ( Only joking !! ) and I was very lucky to receive lots of lovely presents including two amazing parcels. Those who know me will know that I always get very excited when I receive parcels with lovely stamps as I know they either come from my Mum in France or my Sister in Germany. Well, it as my lucky day as I had one of each !! Both were filled with scrapbooking goodies including gorgeous stamps from Kesi'Art, ribbons, and masking tapes, a super duper punch and brads. It felt like Christmas, only even better, because at Christmas you always end up with stuff that you never wanted in the first place !!

Anyway, because it was my Birthday I allowed myself to eat sweets all day ( liquorice allsorts and chocolate mints!! ) and do not very much more than scrapbook!! Well, I had to try my new stuff. So I decided to use a sketch I had seen in French magazine a while ago, that used paint and masking tape. Masking tape is quite big in France, I love it but it is quite expensive. I also decided to use a photo of Andrew I had secretly kept of a day he had to go to some offices in London and had to have his picture taken to be allowed in the building. I like the picture but I know he doesn't!! It was perfect for the new challenge at Scrap Fit :

Workout #44 - Stand By Your Man
We all have at least one man in our lives that we love! So lets dedicate this challenge to him! Don’t be afraid to think out side box with this.  I am sure your husband/boyfriend , father and son quickly come to mind but maybe there is another man who is dear to you like Tim Holtz or Brad Pit???  Have fun with this but be sure to make this a ‘mans’ layout so give it a manly/rough/rugged look and feel.

I decided to make it messy purposely as Andrew is quite .. ( very..) messy ! I was brave and used paint and gesso and all the things that normally scare me but I like the result. I loved using the making tape and I could easily get addicted ! So here is my page...

And since I was wearing my apron and I had already repainted half of the kitchen with my attempts to make splashes of colours, I decided to enter the new challenge at These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. Here is the brief this month..

So EXCITED about today's prompt! These are a Few of My Favorite Photos!!! What is your FAVE photo?? Can you choose just one?  Or do you have a few that you just want to share?? Whatever your FAVE photo, we want to see it! :):):):):):):):):):)

It is difficult to choose just the one picture but I love this picture of the four of us in France. The setting was wonderful and peaceful and it was our anniversary so it is very special. I used the same idea as the first sketch but used my new stamps a bit more. I really, really love them. You will see them lots, they are so versatile. So here is my lay out:

Well, enough talking for today, I have TK Maxx voucher to spend !

Have a lovely day!

Anne XXX

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Scrap Fit challenge.

I have discovered a new challenge site called Scrap Fit. I like the brief for this month sketch and for once, I had to invent my own sketch ! Scary ! Here is the brief..

This challenge is all based on two little words ‘ Only You’ – this is the title for your layout!  Since this is a title challenge be sure to include plenty of journaling to back up reason for the title  - we want the juicy details =) 

I decided to use a lay out I designed a long time ago, tweaked it a little and added a few bits here and there and here is the result :

The green letters are from the very first pack of letters I have ever bought and the papers are a mixture of stuff. I had to do some patching up for the note paper on the side as I didn't actually have enough !
The story is about Amelie entering this cross country run a few weeks ago. She had never run anywhere before and yet decided it was something she wanted to do. ( May be the idea of an afternoon off school had something to do with it !! ). Not surprisingly enough, she didn't do too well !! But still, she made me laugh and I admire her way of looking at life. I would be embarrassed and really disappointed if I'd finished one but last, but not Amelie. She says she really enjoyed it and is happy she finished !! So looking on the bright side, she can only get better !!

Take care

Anne XXX

Friday, 13 May 2011

Sketchy Thursdays .

They are having a GDT challenge over on Sketchy Thursdays. I am not sure I could design anything of my own since I always use sketches but I am sure I could always try !!. I liked the sketch and even more the little picture that came with it so I thought I would try my luck. I have been meaning to take a picture of the little teddies my mum made with the kids when we went to visit so when I saw the little tea cups on the picture, I knew exactly what I would do ! I know I haven't followed the colour scheme completely but I take it as a shabby chic kind of style more than a colour restriction. So anyway here was the brief...

June GDT challenge

and here is my take...

and a few close ups...

Lazy weekend ahead, aren't they just the best !!

Anne XXX

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Thought of the day !!

Here is the proof ( as if anybody ever needed one !! ) that snails can't read !!

Or are they simply trying to tease me !! Where is my garlic !!

Have a nice evening

Anne XXX

Sunday, 8 May 2011

What a day !

Saturday was our local crop. We had the chance to have Lisa come and teach us how to use mist and paint. So many of my friends are far too scared to use paint so it was a real treat! Lisa took me right out of my comfort zone using colourful paint and asking us to "splatter " paint all over the page. It took me a while to get used to it but I like the end result and my friends'pages were truly beautiful and sooo different from what we normally do. So again thank you.
I managed to do three pages. The first one was for Sketchy Thursdays. Here is the sketch...

Here is my page..

I like the pictures of Harry so much, I thought I would keep the page very simple. I love the colours and the little buttons my fantastic super duper sister ( yes it is my birthday soon, let's keep her sweet !! ) bought me !

The second page I made is for Once upon a Sketch. I love this web site as it encourages you to write and it is what I like best about scrapbooking, remembering a story or a thought. So here is the sketch...

And here is my page...

The story is about Harry and my mum going fishing. They enjoy it so much ! Even if Harry only caught three shrimps that day !! ( probably three sad little things that felt like committing suicide ! ) but he still loved it. Them two get so excited when they go down to the beach in their gear. A bit like when I get close to TK Maxx or a scrapbook shop. You can hear their hearts beat with excitement and anticipation !

Last but not least, the page I made with L:isa. I thought I would enter it for Creative Scrappers. Here is the sketch..

And here is my page...

Well, that's it for today, lesson in a few minutes, have a nice day..


Saturday, 7 May 2011

I am so excited !!

I am so excited we are having a crop today and a lesson from the very talented and gorgeous Lisa from scrappy fairy. I can't wait !

Before I go, here is the mini book I made with the pictures I took in Belle Ile. I really like the book, I like the size and the colours. The pictures are nice and I enjoyed the simple lay outs. The only thing I struggled with was the title on the cover as Ile as got and accent in French which obviously isn't standard so I had to try and use other letters. It isn't perfect but I am sure as it gets handled a bit more it will soon look aged !!

Off I go, see you later !


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sit down with a cup of tea !!

Ok, I haven't been blogging much lately but I have been very busy !!
First of all, there was all the decorating at home. We had new shelves built in our dining room and they all had to be painted. It was glossy paint so not an easy job and I did manage to accidentally paint most the house with it !! Even today, as Harry was going to school, I noticed some paint on his jumper ! Oups!. Now, the shelves are lovely and I am very pleased with them, mostly as they were designed around the size of my scrapbooks !! I know, this is sad ! But true !!
Secondly, there was the garden to look after. Two weeks away at this time of the year is lethal, weeds everywhere, seeds that need to be planted, but I am getting there and I will be ready to post some pictures soon. ( don't sound too excited ! )
Then, there was the mini book that I started about our stay on the island of Belle Ile. It is nearly finished but I haven't got a front page at the moment so I can't show it to you yet !
But I am forgetting the most important ! the wedding !! A whole day of partying and eating and drinking far too much and a few days to get better ! Ah, this where the time went, I remember now ! We had a fantastic street party with the whole village invited. The bride and groom even made an appearance ! They did... see !

Anyway, last night, at last, I got a chance to sit down and scrap a page for Sketchy Thursdays. Here is the sketch...

And here is my version...

 And a few close ups...

The page is about Harry and Amelie learning how to sew. Well, in fact they are embroidering some Easter flags ( whatever they may be !! ) on these pictures. Whenever we go to my parents by the sea ( hence the sea side theme ! ), my mum always has some sewing projects on the go. This time we were making buntings and teddies. That reminds me, I will take some pictures of the very cutes teddies my mum made with the kids. The kids really enjoy being part of it and at this rate, they will be much better than me at sewing ! ( I know, I know, I know what you are going to say ! ).

Anyway, I'd better go and prepare lunch for my friend who is coming to have a chat about our next DSA adventure. I wonder what is in store this time? 60 cookie jars? Curry for 100? Cake sale? Summer fair? or just an excuse for a free lunch !!

Take care !