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Monday, 25 April 2011

I am back !!

Yes I am back and as much as I like holidays, it is lovely to be home ! I can't wait to get scrapping but unfortunately there is a quite a lot to do !! My husband was very kind and did a big spring cleaning before we came back but the garden needs desperate attention and the ironing basket looks more like a mountain !

Anyway, I had a fantastic time at my parents in Brittany. The weather was wonderful and believe it or not, the kids had their first swim of the year. It must a be a record to go swimming in April ! We had a very special time with our friends in Belle Ile and I have come back with hundreds of pictures to scrap. We all enjoyed walking and fishing, we went on boat trips and Marcel's quad. We did some sewing ( even I and I have a picture to prove it !! ) My mum even let me use her precious sewing machine so I could make a bunting !

The bunting is already up and looks really pretty around the patio.

I also got the chance to make some slate hearts with some old roof tiles my had had kept. It was quite a messy affair but I enjoyed using the millstone and I like the result. Although I am not too sure what I am going to do with them !!!

I guess I should go and pack the kids bags for tomorrow and attack the iron mountain before it attacks me !.

I will be back soon with some scrapbooking. I hope !!

Take care


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