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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shopping Trip !!

First of all thank you for all the team in Sketchy Thursday for choosing me, yes ME ME ME !! as one of your favorite. I feel so honoured. Some ladies on this site are really good, I mean fantastically talented so I feel very proud I have been selected, thank you !
This morning I had a chance to go to the show MAKE IT in Farnborough. I went with a friend who likes cross stitching and unfortunately there wasn't much for her there. It was mostly for people who like to make cards and decoupage. There wasn't that much for me neither, but still, I managed to find a few bits in two stores I liked.

I don't often work with pink but these ribbons are gorgeous and I can feel a bright pink and lime green page coming up. I took Amelie to the shop American Girl Place in New York and it was full of pink frilly girls and dolls in there so I am sure I will find a nice sketch somewhere to use my new purchases !

On Thursday, my anonymous friend Rachel come over to scrapbook. She came at 20.00 and left around 23.00 and in all that time, we only managed to create one page each !! We are so slow !! We kept laughing at how slow and unproductive we are, moving one button here and one paper there ! No wonder my husband thinks it is a waste of time, sometimes it is, and yet, I love it !! Rachel's page came out really beautiful and I wish I had taken a picture to show you but I am sure she will have her own blog soon !! ( wink wink !! ).
The page I did is for Sketchy Thursday's new challenge, it is nearly finished and I will try to upload it in the next few days.

Anyway, time to warm up, it is war in this household this afternoon. France is playing England at Twickenham later. May the best win, let's just hope it is France !! Kids have been busy making flags, mostly English, I will have to make my own !!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend



  1. Congrats on your Sketchy Thursday pick!!
    And thank you for your very kind comment...your work is amazing and I would not be surpised to stumble over one of your pages in a magazine! Glad I found your blog :)

  2. Congrats on your pick! Very amazing!