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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hey, I am still here!!

And I have been busy. Not necessarily with craft activities, but busy anyway ! Life is good. Kids are enjoying their Easter break and I can finally spend time creating in the evening. No classes preparation, just the small matter of entertaining three children, keeping the house and the ever growing garden tidy, planing the imminent extension and trying to find time to keep fit. So far, so good.

So, here is what I have been doing since I last wrote on the blog.

This page is about our February half term holidays when my Dutch friend Mariska and I decided to spend a week in a caravan in the UK with 5 kids, including a baby!!. It did rain all week, we did have moaning kids and fall outs and stroppy teenagers to deal with, but we had a great time and I would definitely do it again, may be not in February though!!

The next lay out is also about Mariska ! This page is to remember our holidays in La Clusaz, French Alpes. But it is mostly to remind me when I am old, how much fun this amazing lady is.

The third lay out, ( I told you I have been busy!! ) is about Amelie and Violette. My two beautiful daughters. They don't actually get on that well. They tend to annoy each other but when they do, they are very funny to watch and it is a rare opportunity to take a great picture.

And finally, and it is a shame the picture is rubbish, (I will take another one ), the fourth lay out is about Mad March Hair Day, this special day at school when children can have their hair as mad as they dare. It is a really amusing thing to do and children love it, well, actually, Harry isn't that keen, but then again he is a bit funny about his hair! The pictures on that day always come out great and colorful and I have enjoyed making a page every year. 

And that's it. 

Funnily enough, we have spent some time this afternoon with Amelie looking at old scrapbooks. I forget how much I like looking at them. My style as changed so much over the years. But what I have realised is that as time has become more precious, I might have spend less time making sure that the page is perfect and more time writing the story behind the picture. It is the journalling that keeps the memories and I feel so emotional reading how my life has changed and remembering what the kids have done and said. For all of you reading this, do keep a diary of your life, because it will be such a wonderful present for your children or whoever cares about you. I wish my parents had, may be I would feel I know them and understand them a little better if they had.

On this note, have a wonderful Easter, may the "Giant Bunny" or the "flying Bells" bring you lots of nice treats!!

Joyeuses Paques.


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  1. Hello! It was great to read about your life again. I can see you had a fantastic time on your half term holidays. I really like your new blog post. After reading I had tears in my eyes... Hope you had a great Easter holidays! Love from Jana