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Friday, 13 December 2013

Vendredi 13!!

Friday the 13 th and today my baby is 11 months!

This month has been quite hard with 3 teeth coming through, a trip to hospital with fever, lots of vomiting and a few horrible nights. But I am sure she is now on the mend and she will be her cheerful happy self very soon. This month has been the month of clapping, standing alone, singing, cuddling her baby doll, reading her own books, turning pages and lifting flaps, whizzing up the stairs and trying to climb up everything, pretend coughing and resting her little head on our chest. It sounds like a lot, and it feels like it too, constantly on the move!!

But here she is , cheeky as ever.

And her picture at 11 months. Getting ever so hard to take as she tries to jump off the armchair, I might just have to think about another idea for the next 12 months!

Now, I didn't get much time to do anything about the caravan this month. But the curtains are going up slowly: 5 made, 7 to go. Sounds like an awful lot left! The floor has gone up so we can fix it and put lino over it and although it looks horrible and cold, it was quite therapeutic to get rid of the old carpet!

We are thinking about putting a knocker on the door and finding a name for our new addition but we are yet to come up with anything clever or witty so if you have any suggestion, please write to me.

Well, millions of things to do. Just before I go and in case I don't have time to come back before Christmas, I wish you all a wonderful festive period.

Anne XXX


  1. What a lovely picture of your three pretty sweeties!!! I just love it!

  2. Wow, so much in the 1 month. Clever girl!!! I LOVE the look of your caravan
    : ) Happy Christmas to you all xxxx