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Monday, 15 April 2013

At last..

Some time and inspiration to scrap. I really, really enjoyed making this page. I had bought some magazines when I was in France but hadn't had a chance to look at them until last week. They are full of good ideas and I couldn't wait to try a few. So here is my first page in ages !

I love this picture of the girls, they both look so happy together. Amelie loves to give Violette attention and Violette seems very pleased that someone comes to her every time she shows any signs of boredom.I wonder how much Violette is going to miss her now that she has gone back to school. I know I will! She and Harry are great little helpers.
And now a picture for my lovely sister who keeps sending me parcels full of goodies...
I wasn't sure at first but this cardigan is growing on me and it looks really cute on. So thank you!
And now for the 13 week picture...
and because time goes by so quickly, here is the difference 13 weeks make...
from skinny to chubby!!
Speak to you soon.


  1. Lovely work Anna, just love those circles. Voilette is changing so much. Those chubby cheeks!! And I love the cardi xx

  2. What a lovely photo!! Two pretty princesses!!!