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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A day late

but we were busy yesterday so here is the ten week picture...

Definitely filling out and officially sleeping through from 18.30 to 07.30 with a bottle at 22.00. Life is good!!
I had time to work on my mini book last week. I managed to make the front cover and add a page about sleep.

I like the front cover as I have used different little things that were given to us, including the ribbon we had on flowers, a giraffe on a card, the fabric of the curtains in her room. And the actual card board was from a gift box. It feels more special that way.

Anyway, I wish you all a lovely Easter break.
Speak to you soon.



  1. Oh, she's beautiful! What a great book, so bright and fun, love how you're adding the bits of special items. Love that idea!

  2. What a lovely mini book! Where do you find time to do it? :-) Violette has to be such a good baby or Amelie and Harry are the best babysitters :-) :-)
    Have a lovely Easter!!!