spoonful of sugar

Monday, 4 February 2013

It is a start...

ok, it doesn't look like much but I have started scrapping again!! And what better project to start with than a mini book on the arrival of Violette. Now it is only a start and I still need to embellish the pages and add some sewing, but we are getting there. We have a crop next Saturday in the village so I should be able to add to it then.


And to add to the picture collection, here is a picture of Violette today, celebrating three weeks with us. If anybody asks me again if she is sleeping through the night yet I might just decapitate them with no notice but apart from that, we are enjoying every day we spend together and still feel very lucky to have her.

Have a good week.



  1. I can not wait to see you on Saturday : ) I'm loving these updates. And I'm so impresed that you've scrapped already. Hugs xxx

  2. These are such beautiful pages! Love the colors you've chosen and all the sweet, sweet photos!