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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The nursery

I did it ! I managed to take a few pictures of the nursery.

So you might see the tree that I bought in Paris when I went for a girly weekend. I used decopatch on it. I am still not convinced about the colours but in fact, it brightens up the room and I am getting used to it. In there is also a litle patchwork that Amelie made with her meme. A big patchwork on the wall that my sister made for Amelie when she was a baby. There is also a mobile that Harry made at school and looks perfect in that room. A wreath that I made out of willow at a Christmas craft evening and a little bird that I made last year as a Christmas decoration. And the curtains that were a joined effort between my mum and I.
I love this room and I hope that Violette grows to love it too.


  1. Loving the updates and a beautiful nursery. Will you be in Fleet on the 9th?xx

  2. Love the little birdies and bird houses! Would love it if you shared your pics so that other moms-to-be could enjoy them here in our baby photo contest!