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Friday, 13 April 2012

Easter Lay out

Just a quick one today, the weather is nice and I should really take the children out while it lasts.

I made a lay out last night, very clean and simple. Not really my style recently, but I wanted to put the emphasis on the pictures this time. Funnily enough, this page took quite a long time to do, because of the calculating and trying to stick things straight !

We were in Brittany for Easter where the Flying bells come during the night to drop off some eggs. We tend to go there every year as my parents have got a lot of land and the search keeps my kids ( and my dad!!) entertained for hours !

So here is my page, and no, I didn't enter any challenge for this one. I did it just for fun !

take care



  1. sympa la chasse aux oeufs ! Bisous

  2. Hope you said Hello from us in Brittany. Miss that paradise so much!