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Monday, 12 September 2011

Get Picky and a donkey !

The inspiration board at Get picky this month is as followed:

Pretty hey !! I decided to use the pictures I took of the kids on their first day back at school. The pictures aren't great as the kids didn't really like yet another picture for the scrapbook !! But they are colourful and I thought they would look good with the yellow. Now, as for the Donkey, well, I am not sure I put it there other than it does look cute and it is wearing high heels and there are high heels on the pictures !! Hope you like it too, it makes me laugh !!

Speak to you soon



  1. LOL, love the high-heeled donkey! :)
    Great, colorful layout, love the little mouse accent too, as well as the clothespins and bright title!

  2. hehe very cute! lovely spring look :)

  3. LOL, the donkey looks cute as does your darling layout.
    I adore the way you did the title.