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Friday, 13 July 2012


I forgot to mention there is a new sketch over at Sketches in Thyme. It is sketch 83 and here it is..

This is the page I made for them...

I made this page a while ago, after Amelie's fish died. It probably feels silly to bury a fish but there was no  way she was letting it us flush it down down the loo ( not that we would !! ) ( or would we !! ) but anyway, we had to make a grave for it and two months later, despite the constant rain, the little red cross ( red for a gold fish, see !! ) is still standing bright and strong in the flower border !!. I had a play on Picassa with the picture, probably a bit ghostly like , but it was fun !!

Recently I also made a  birthday card for my dad. He loves stamps and is never happier than when he is at home. So.. a stamp looking card with a little house sounded perfect. I actually love the result !

We also bough him a very bright green flowery pair of swim trunks as a joke because he lives 500 meters from the sea but will never be seen on the beach !The kids had a real laugh  writing the card saying he now has no excuse not to come on the beach and make sand castles with them, and I can't wait to see if he raises to the challenge !! Watch out for the pictures showing the evidences !!

Lovely weekend ahead with a whole day scrapping in our local village hall on Saturday. I think I will make my thank you cards for the teachers.

And in case you didn't know, ... I am officially on Holiday !! Well, I am still teaching evening classes for adults but no more kids for seven weeks !! I know I shouldn't shout for joy .. but I will !!Hooray !!

Happy Scrapping


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer fair and Sports day

Nothing to do with scrapbooking, (yet !! ) but for my friends and family abroad, here are pictures of the dancing at the summer fair and Sports day.

We were so lucky with the weather. Well, sports day was rather wet and cold but it still went ahead, so consider ourselves lucky.And on Saturday, for the summer fair, we even caught the sun !


Neglected little blog !

I am back, the summer fair is finished, my lessons are winding down, it is started to smell like summer holidays !! Well, if you forget the constant rain that is !!
Still, I should slowly get some more time for myself and get some scrapbooking done.
I had a little bit of time yesterday to play along the new Scrap 365 Challenge. I used a picture I took at the summer fair on Saturday. Amelie was dancing a country dance and she looked very pretty with her handsome partner. This picture makes me laugh, as the partner in question doesn't seem too keen !!
This was the sketch

And here is my version. I wanted to try a monochrome look, which I had never done. I will have to make more pages about the dancing as it is really colourful and a bright page would probably do the pictures more justice. Still you have to try !

The picture doesn't look quite right but it is very difficult to take good pictures in this gloomy weather.
And a few close ups

It was a lot of fun making the tea stains, but as usual, they didn't quite fall where I wanted them to!

I will try to add some pictures of Sports day and the May pole dancing later.

Enjoy your week.